Iranian immigrant cut off at PA school board meeting for CRT pushback: ‚Ordinary people being silenced‘

A Pennsylvania school board president is facing calls to resign after confiscating the microphone from a woman who was speaking out against critical race theory at a recent West Chester School District board meeting.

Iranian immigrant and mother of three Anita Edgarian told „Fox & Friends“ that, at first, she had „no intention to talk.“ 


But, after a „lovefest“ giving praise to the retiring superintendent, she got up and expressed to the school board concerns about critical race theory. During her allotted time to speak, she told them she grew up during the Iranian revolution and witnessed her „motherland“ being „ravaged by communism.“ 

She accused the retiring superintendent Jim Scanlon of creating divisions and „leaving a mess.“

When she proceeded to ask whether or not teachers were being taught critical race theory, the West Chester school board president Chris McCune said, „Anita, you’re at time.“ She pushed back, „No, no,“ prompting him to angrily say, „Yes you are.“ McCune approached Edgarian at the podium, took the microphone, faced Anita, and told her to leave. 

 McCune told Edgarian, „This is shameful,“ as she was being removed from the building by police officers. 

„We’ve had a respectful meeting up until you. You bombarded up there, and now you want to monopolize the meeting. Not happening. You’re gone,“ he told her.

Edgarian told host Ainsley Earhardt, „By the time I asked that question, he was already coming toward me. And so that’s a clarification because my parents have raised me better.“

Edgarian, who became an American citizen in 1995, criticized the board for not addressing the question she asked.

A GOP committee in West Chester is calling for McCune to resign or attend anger management counseling for his behavior.

„In a letter released Sunday, the Republican Committee of Chester County in Pennsylvania called West Chester school board president Chris McCune’s conduct ‘reprehensible,’ and accused him of trying to intimidate the immigrant mom. The encounter between McCune and a mom named Anita occurred at the end of last week’s two-hour board meeting, during which many parents and teachers expressed their opinions about the district’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts,‘ the National Review reported.


CRT curriculum has sparked a national conversation about the role of race and racism in school districts across the country. Often compared by critics to actual racism, CRT is a school of thought that generally focuses on how power structures and institutions impact racial minorities. 

„I just don’t think he likes the fact that I was saying ‘why the division?“ she said, adding that she has friends of all political persuasions and does not want children being taught divisive curriculum.

„What I see are parents being silenced, ordinary people are being silenced,“ she said. 

Fox News reached out to the West Chester area school district for a statement but did not hear back.

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Joshua Nelson


August 4, 2021


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