Gregg Jarrett torches Chris, Andrew Cuomo ‚yucking it up‘ on TV as ‚disgraceful‘ and ’nauseating‘

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett slammed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Saturday on „Justice with Judge Jeanine“ for their cozy relationship during the COVID pandemic, and the New York governor’s sexual harassment scandal.

GREGG JARRETT: The clips you just played of Andrew and Chris Cuomo together in this Abbott and Costello routine is really disgraceful –  it’s nauseating, it’s shameful for a journalist to be doing that. Think about what was happening. Thousands and thousands of people were dying, and they’re yucking it up on national television? And Chris Cuomo spent months propping up his arrogant brother, not challenging him about things like his role and cover-up in nursing home deaths. The list goes on and on. 

And now we learn from this attorney general report that it was Chris Cuomo at CNN who was secretly advising his brother to portray the victims as liars, to blame them, to say he’s a victim of the cancel culture, and CNN and Jeff Zucker have taken no action against Chris Cuomo. 

My goodness, he violated just about every journalistic, ethical rule in the books. But listen, the charges here could be quite serious. Against consent lifting the blouse of a woman and fondling her breast could be a variety of crimes, including forcible touching under New York law. Obviously assault and battery, and also criminal harassment. So it will be up to the Albany district attorney to not only evaluate the evidence collectively, which is apparently quite overwhelming and compelling by the attorney general but to do his own interview of this particular victim, and decide whether Andrew Cuomo should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed upon conviction.


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Fox News Staff


August 8, 2021


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