Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich blasted Joe Biden’s response to the collapse of Afghanistan Monday telling „Hannity“ the number one goal of the president’s speech was to „blame anyone else.“

NEWT GINGRICH: The Biden worldview seems to be to attack your allies, ignore your enemies, pretend that bad things aren’t happening. I watched the president’s speech this afternoon and for most people if you took what you were seeing live coming out of Afghanistan, of the crowds and the fear, the takeover by the Taliban, and then you looked at the speech by this guy [Biden] who was clearly totally out of it – he has no idea what’s going on and his number one goal in that speech was to blame anyone else. He said ‘the buck stops here.’ He didn’t mean that. The buck stops with the Afghan army. The buck stops with Donald Trump. The fact is this is a major American defeat that is going to have huge consequences. It’s going to embolden the Chinese whether it’s in Taiwan with the South China Sea, or they’re going to become allies of the Taliban. They [China] want the minerals in which Northern Afghanistan is enormously rich and they will be quite happy. They don’t care what the Taliban does to women. They just want the minerals.