In his opening monologue on Monday, Sean Hannity called out President Biden for creating what he called an even more horrendous iteration of Ho Chi Minh City – then Saigon – from April 1975 when helicopters evacuated the U.S. embassy in Vietnam as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on the presidential palace there.

Joe Biden has frankly humiliated the United States on the world stage. Saigon circa 1975 on steroids,“ he said, offering his agreement with Obama-era Pentagon chief Leon Panetta, who further described the catastrophe in Kabul as a „Biden’s Bay of Pigs“ moment.

„Thanks to the ill-fated actions of our derelict, low-functioning president … the absolute worst-case scenario has been playing out before our eyes.“

Hannity noted how Biden appeared to ignore the advice and counsel of his top military commanders who warned against a hasty evacuation from Afghanistan, as well as claims the president ignored intelligence assessments from the region in making the decision to abruptly leave.


„Now Afghanistan has fallen to the Islamic extremists, the Taliban, in record time. [The administration] just said last week it would be 90 days at the earliest and it was overrun in a matter of hours. Taliban fighters are now in control of a massive stockpile of Joe Biden-U.S. Taxpayer paid-for weapons, ammo, vehicles, other supplies abandoned during Biden’s hasty retreat,“ he said.

„He wasn’t even smart enough to take our munitions out.“

The host described how one of the Taliban’s first actions upon taking over new territory was to release hundreds of hardened terrorists from prisons, including at previously-U.S.-held Bagram Air Force Base, where the worst of the worst were housed.

„Terrorists from Al Qaeda and ISIS were freed from multiple prisons all across this country, they soon will be plotting and planning their future terrorist attacks on all of the U.S.. and the rest of the world fomenting terror,“ Hannity predicted. „The American flag lowered over our embassy [was] beyond humiliating as diplomats hastily were evacuated by helicopter to the airport.“


„The very thing Biden said wouldn’t happen.“

Hannity further criticized Biden for the continuing chaos at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, where hundreds of Afghan civilians desperately clung to a USAF C-17 plane. The host showed graphic video of some of those refugee-hopefuls later falling from the sky as they lost their grip on the fuselage as the plane gained altitude.

The host further reported that half a dozen people were also crushed by planes attempting to take off amid the panic.

Hannity went on to report that about 10,000 Americans remain stuck in Kabul as the Taliban takes control.