BEN SASSE: The administration has been trying to say there are one hundred and forty Americans getting out. Well, how do you reconcile that with, two days ago, they said there were only hundred Americans left. They were lying when they said there were only one hundred Americans left. The number was always bigger than any other numbers they’ve used. Then they keep shrinking the number, even during a time when nobody was getting out and they constantly fudge where they imply that U.S. passport holders are the same as the number of all Americans. There are a whole bunch of American green card holders that they regularly exclude from their numbers.

We need to have them stop with the B.S. numbers. We’ve got a slow-motion hostage crisis unfolding here, and the administration needs to give an honest accounting of all of the numbers and the reason they don’t want to do; that is because it would hold them to some account to get those people out. It would also reveal their incompetence and cowardice to date, and it would run against their comms strategy, which is, they really believe, managing 24-hour news cycle is far more important than the actual Americans who are left behind.