Fox News host Sean Hannity scolded President Joe Biden on Thursday for his plan to force employers with more than 100 workers to require coronavirus vaccinations or test employees weekly.

The „Hannity“ host said the president was „vilifying the unvaccinated“ with the move, and urged his audience to consult their medical professionals before bowing to the „broadband edicts“ dictated by „Dr. Joe Biden.“

„I will say this again, I don’t have this show but for you, my audience. Your life, every life is important. It’s important for me, you make this show possible…and I want every American, regardless of any political views, I want everybody healthy,“ Hannity said.


„Even people who work hard to get me canceled every day and off the air. And I do believe in science and I believe in the science of vaccination. I am a radio and television host, yes I’m a member of the media but I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not going to play your doctor when it comes to your health. It is simply too important and I am simply not qualified,“ he said.

He continued, „I will not be doling out medical advice without knowing your individual medical history and your unique current medical condition. I know nothing about it but I will repeat what I have said many times, I encourage everyone take COVID seriously, it is a deadly virus it can kill you, I have seen the worst of this thing and it is not pretty. For your own sake, I will say it again, do your own research…,“ but he emphasized, „please consult with your doctors, the professionals, the guys who actually went to medical school and make the right decision for you, your family.“

Biden’s mandate announced Thursday is expected to affect as many as 100 million Americans in an array of jobs, including health care, and directly impacts the private sector.

Hannity said the sweeping policy „cancels medical freedom.“


 „You eliminated privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality,“ the host said. „Ask yourself, what does Doctor Joe Biden know about every unvaccinated American? Does Doctor Joe Biden know the unique medical history, the current medical condition of 80 million people?“ 

„What medical school did you go to, Joe?“