RAYMOND ARROYO: It’s now clear that parents, children and families have become the real targets for this Administration. 

On Monday, Biden lifted a Trump-era ban on clinics that refer patients for abortion from receiving federal funding.  And buried in the Democrats multi-trillion dollar reconciliation bill is a clause that „more than doubles the [earned income tax credit’s] marriage penalty for childless workers, giving eligible couples a compelling reason to avoid tying the knot… The proposed changes… threaten to substantially increase the breadth and depth of marriage penalties for families with children as well.“

Aren’t strong marriages and families in the nation’s interest?  Not according to this bill. Biden used to stand for families and was far from being an abortion extremist.   

When you compare the Joe Biden of the past to the President today—He appears to have literally lost his way.  The staff seems to be running the show… They’ve even created a little Off-Broadway theatre next door to the White House for The President’s public events.  I call it Mr. Biden’s Neighborhood—a cozy safe space for him to make believe in. He doesn’t even require a trolley to take him there—though the puppets are present and accounted for!  

This is really designed to protect the president from those uncomfortable press questions.  You see: in this setting, reporters become spectators in the dark, who are forced to watch these little stage shows from the orchestra.  Unlike an east room ceremony or an Oval office spray, the press won’t dare yell questions and disrupt the production before them.