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Former Trump defense official Elbridge Colby joined „Tucker Carlson Tonight“ Tuesday to address reports that Saudi Arabia is in talks with Beijing to price some of its oil sales in yuan instead of U.S. dollars.

ELBRIDGE COLBY: You are right to point to the dollar’s role as central to our well-being at a very practical level. I think what we are seeing early is indications of movement towards probably two blocks. One led by us [United States] and one led by China. That is going to have massive implications, especially if we are poorly organized. The point you’re making is we need to be jealously and carefully thinking about this kind of „crown jewel“ of the role of the dollar. Just being very careful how we use it. The Saudis are a great example of poor foresight and strategic planning. The administration was tough on the Saudis, and yes, the murder of Jamal Khashoogi was an abomination, but on the other hand, if we need them [Saudi Arabia] and ask them for help maybe you should think about how you approach them in the first place. This is not the only example where we need to take a strategic account of the consequences and not be solely focused on sort of moral posturing, if you will. That is a classic example. Because, otherwise we will not be thinking about what’s in the long-term interest of the American people.