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Kim Jong-un Says North Korea ‘Fully Ready’ to Use Nuclear Bombs at Any Time

North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong-un declared in a speech on Wednesday that his regime is “fully ready” to deploy its “nuclear deterrent,” meaning its illegal nuclear bombs, if necessary against the United States and its allies.

Kim affirmed that North Korean-American relations under leftist President Joe Biden, who he did not name, were at a “limiting point, a point of fierce collision, which cannot be reversed any further,” and vowed to “confront the U.S. imperialists to the end.”

In the same speech, delivered to mark the anniversary of the Korean War armistice that ended active hostilities in 1953, Kim also threatened the “military ruffians” and “gangsters” of South Korea, currently under the administration of conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol, stating that they would “pay dearly” if they continued to maintain ties to the United States and “threaten” North Korea by training their military and maintaining a free society.

“Our armed forces are now fully prepared to cope with any sort of crisis, and our state’s nuclear war deterrent is also fully ready to demonstrate its absolute power accurately and promptly true to its mission,” Kim Jong-un said in his address, according to the English-language translation by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the communist regime’s official news service.

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Juli 29, 2022


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