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ANC youth don’t want their own ministry

The ANC’s suggestion of a separate ministry to deal solely with youth issues, including unemployment, will not solve the crisis that most of the country’s citizens face. 

This was the view of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) when the recommendation was put forward at the ANC’s policy conference over the weekend. 

Youth issues presently are covered by the Ministry of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities (in the Presidency).

ANCYL convenor Nonceba Mhlauli said a separate department would mean side-lining youth development issues in a ‘corner’. 

She told News24 that the ANCYL had not proposed the idea.

Mhlauli said, ‘We said we want to mainstream youth issues, and we said it in plenary. I do not know where it comes from. We believe youth development must be mainstreamed and be the work of every department. We need to ensure that there is adequate funding for youth development. The NYDA budget is small’.

Ahead of the conference, the ANCYL pushed for the ANC to mandate that at least 40% of the national executive committee be made up of young people.

The ANC’s rules define as “youth” anyone 35 years old and younger. 

To serve in the ANC NEC, a person has to have been a member of the party for 10 years. 

The Youth League’s calls may require the party to alter this requirement. 

The ANCYL did not manage to get its 40% recommendation passed at the policy conference, but it still has an opportunity to propose it at the national elective conference in December. 

Mhlauli said the ANCYL did have some victories at the conference, especially on membership quality, vetting, and branches proving they are in good standing based on their community outreach work. 

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