Bill Maher couldn’t help but crack up when Kid Rock hit him with a quick retort after Maher complained about former President Donald Trump.

During an episode of the “Club Random with Bill Maher” podcast on Sunday, Maher told Kid Rock, “I will never understand why you like this whiny little b****. You know, you’re such a real man and he’s such a little b****.”

“When you’re bashing him (Trump), that’s what I say, ‘I can’t believe I’m watching this whiny little b****,’” Kid Rock snapped back, eliciting laughter from Maher.

Maher, a liberal who nonetheless often speaks out against “woke” left-wing excesses, has made his position clear that he loathes Trump. The former president, for that matter, slammed Maher over the summer as “a radical left maniac with modest television ratings.”

During the same Sunday sit-down, Kid Rock and Maher discussed the Left’s latest push of transgenderism on children, The Daily Wire reported.

“I would be a very bad parent right now,” Maher said. “Because I would fight. We would be very aligned on this, a lot of this. I would be a very bad parent because they would be doing things in the school that I didn’t think was appropriate.”

“Not from either side or point of view,” the host continued. “The subject itself. They are five. Can we just do blocks and the sky is blue before we get to drag queens? There’s levels of sophistication that are just –”

“Bill, welcome to the Republican Party,” the musician interjected, reaching out his hand for Maher to shake.

“You don’t have to welcome me,” Maher replied. “And by the way, I don’t want to be in the Republican Party at all.

“Oh, I know the invite is there,” Maher continued. “I don’t want it. Pick another kid for your team.”

Kid Rock has not shied away from his right-wing political views and support for Trump, despite the threat of backlash or “cancelation.”

“Why haven’t you been canceled? Like, people aren’t allowed to say what they think. You are,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked the singer in March.

“I am uncancelable,” Kid Rock responded.

Carlson pressed, “Why’s that?”

“I don’t give a f***,” Kid Rock laughed, prompting a laugh from Carlson as well.


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