The headquarter of NOS, the largest news agency in the Netherlands, was covered in thousands of post-it notes on Saturday morning, each one representing an excess death linked to the Covid vaccine.

Protesters gathered outside the NOS building, holding slogans that read “NOS = fakenews, honest research into excess mortality, and others, Nine for News reported.

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Een bericht aan de NOS.
Iedere post-it is één oversterfte dode.

— @g33 Sₐₑ (@P0eMPieDinges) February 4, 2023

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“The post-its included texts such as ‘sudden death’, ‘heart failure after injection’, ‘suddenly the new normal’ and ‘Pfizer report’. In addition, names were mentioned: ‘Jonathan, 42 years old’, ‘René is dead’. Between the post-its there were also A4s that read: ‘media = virus’, ‘media stop lying’ and ‘bought journalists,’ according to the outlet.

Watch the video below:

Hilversum, Netherlands… Citizens post notes on the window of the National TV Broadcaster NOS… they have the names of the deceased with the date they died from the vaccines… a reminder to the roll the media played in this mass poisoning…

— Pelham (@Resist_05) February 5, 2023

A similar demonstration was held in BBC in UK.

At least six BBC buildings across the UK were covered with placards and photos of people who died from the COVID vaccine.

The rally called the “media is the virus” was held on Saturday, January 7th, and it was organized by three different groups: The People’s Resistance, Freedom Fighters, and The North Unites.

The groups posted stickers on BBC’s windows with photos of the people who died from the vaccine.

“BBC buildings today were given some TRUTH,” a post on Telegram reads. “Enough is enough….the media is complicit in the biggest crimes against humanity and need to be held accountable for the deaths and harms caused to our friends and families.”

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“BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) January 16, 2023