Fox’s Post-Tucker Crisis, and Harms of Gender „Transition,“ w/ Chadwick Moore, Miriam Grossman, More

Published On: 8. Juni 2023 19:39

Megyn Kelly is joined by Chadwick Moore, author of the forthcoming book „Tucker,“ to talk about Tucker Carlson’s first Twitter „episode“ dropping this week, what we’re learning about the leaks targeting him, the latest battle in his war with Fox News, Fox’s terrible ratings continuing, Moore’s ban from Fox, what may have been behind Fox’s decision to take Tucker Carlson off the air, and more. Then Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation joins to discuss their lawsuit looking into whether Prince Harry got preferential treatment from the U.S. government when he moved to America, if he disclosed his past drug use, Prince Harry’s vendetta against the media, never taking responsibility and the arrogance of Harry and Meghan, blaming the tabloids and the Royal family for everything, Finally Dr. Miriam Grossman, author of the forthcoming book „Lost in Trans Nation,“ joins to talk about the massive increase in kids identifying as trans, how parents can be prepared, Dr. Grossman mission to provide parents the tools to stop the insanity, the devastating emotional impact on kids and parents, the long-term ramifications of these medical interventions, the capture of medical institutions, a lack of „medical consensus“ on puberty blockers, horrifying stories of gender mutilation, whether it’s polite to use pronouns, and more.


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