Media Freakout Over Trump Trials, and Men in Women’s Prisons, with Jesse Kelly, Kelsey Bolar & More

Published On: 1. März 2024 21:30

Megyn Kelly is joined by Jesse Kelly, host of TheFirst TV’s „I’m Right,” to discuss the slimy corruption exposed in the Fani Willis story, Terrance Bradley possibly telling more lies on the stand about his relationship with Nathan Wade, “crooked politics” in small towns, details about a potential start date for the Trump Florida classified documents case, Jack Smith pushing for trials before the election, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow predicting Trump will try to stay president “for life,” whether people like her really believe what she says on-air about Trump, how Trump is really a moderate politically, Democrats finally beginning to wake up to the danger of illegal immigration in America, the White House refusing to discuss the details about the illegal migrant charged with murdering Laken Riley, and more. Then Kelsey Bolar and Amie Ichikawa, of the Independent Women’s Forum, join to discuss the new documentary „Cruel & Unusual Punishment: The Male Takeover of Women’s Prisons,“ about the danger of biological males in women’s prisons, Amie’s personal experience, the issues in California, and more.

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