Trial and Errors | The NEWSMAX Daily (05/21/24)

Published On: 21. Mai 2024 18:00

Today’s top headline news brief from NEWSMAX includes:[1:36] – France and Belgium release statements supporting the international war crimes court arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders of Israel. [Newsline] [4:11] – Prime Minister Netanyahu makes a statement on ICC warrants.[5:58] – Tulsi Gabbard questions the Biden admin’s ‚mind-boggling‘ actions regarding terror groups. [Rob Schmitt Tonight] [8:16] -Trump Attorney Lindsey Halligan: Their key witness has admitted to lying to his client, secretly recording his client, and now stealing from his client. [Eric Bolling The Balance] [10:48] – CNN’s Jake Tapper is flabbergasted by Michael Cohen’s testimony.[11:40] – Congressman Byron Donalds: Trump trial is a “terrible misuse of the justice system.” [Wake Up America] [14:49] – Newsmax host Carl Higbie says America is tired of the racism narrative. [Carl Higbie Frontline]

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