More than half of Brits believe that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, according to a new survey. Despite this, 49% of this survey’s respondents also say they believe there will be further lockdowns. The Telegraph has the story.

The survey, by Savanta ComRes, found that 49% believe there will be further lockdowns, with 74% concerned about another virus wave this winter. Fears are highest amongst those aged over 55, at 78%.

While over half – 55% – think the worst of Covid is behind us, 19% believe the worst is yet to come.

Chris Hopkins, of Savanta ComRes, said: “While it may feel to many that the U.K. is out of the woods with coronavirus, there is still an underlying feeling – or perhaps fear – among the public that there are more restrictions, including lockdowns, to come.

“That, coupled with a small but significant proportion who feel that the worst of the pandemic is still ahead of us, shows that trust in the vaccine roll-out may still be undermined if the U.K. enters further restrictions during a winter that will be inevitably challenging for the NHS.” …

Of the 2,103 U.K. adults interviewed online by Savanta ComRes between October 8th to 10th, three in 10 said another lockdown would show that the vaccine roll-out had been a failure. But three in five believe a firebreak lockdown would be effective at relieving pressure on the NHS.

While half of U.K. adults expect there to be further lockdowns in 2021, 33% think there will be no further restrictions.

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