BasicCamp – Day 2 (English version)

Published On: 20. August 2021 18:27

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This simulation game event „BasisCamp – A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise“ is organized by members of the Corona Investigation Committee, members of the German party „dieBasis“ and numerous previous guests.

The scenario:
The German government has resigned and an interim government has been formed. Under the leadership of the new Chancellor, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and other members of the interim government, the current situation will be analyzed and an assessment of measures will be made with the help of current experts from various fields.

Cast includes:
Chancellor: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
President: Franz Ruppert
Minister of the Interior: Viviane Fischer
Minister of Health: Wolfgang Wodarg
State Secretary, Ministry of Health: Thomas Sarnes
State Secretary at Ministry of Health: Adelheid von Stösser
Director of the RKI: Stephan Kohn
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Alkje Fontes
Minister of Justice: Renate Holzeisen

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