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Dan Bongino: Joe Biden Is a Disgrace to Humankind

On this past weekend’s episode of Unfiltered With Dan Bongino, Dan exposed Joe Biden’s complicity in the national fentanyl epidemic due to his inaction at the southern border amid record illegal crossings.


DAN BONGINO: Listen, I had a bad week, and I’ve had it with the Biden administration. I’m done. My goose is cooked here. Joe Biden is a disgrace to humankind. He is — he’s completely turned his back on the disastrous crisis on our southern border. And because of that, he is a direct accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of American citizens. Listen, I use my words carefully and very deliberately, and I mean every single word of that. Before you say, „Hey, slow down,“ let’s take a look at the definition of the word accomplice. 

According to Merriam-Webster, an accomplice is: „One associated with another, especially in wrongdoing.“ Keep that in your head as I go through the rest of this here. It’s a fact, our kids are being intentionally killed and poisoned, intentionally using fentanyl brought in through the border by drug cartels in Mexico, and it originates with the Chinese Communist Party, the chemicals for the fentanyl. Listen, the stats don’t lie, folks. They don’t lie. U.S. overdose deaths in the year ending in February of 2022 surged nearly 20% in just one year. And the number is going up, it’s not going down. But what happens when thousands of these same migrants are put on busses at the border and sent to blue cities like Washington, D.C.? Suddenly it’s a crisis so overwhelming, the Democrats demand federal intervention.

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Dan Bongino


August 1, 2022


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