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Watch: Jon Stewart Reluctantly Joins Forces With Jack Posobiec After Losing His Cool Over Veterans Bill

Following an intense confrontation where actor Jon Stewart shouted at conservative commentator Jack Posobiec on Capitol Hill Monday, the pair posted a video announcing they’re on the same side regarding the PACT Act.

The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act (PACT Act) is proposed legislation that would provide benefits to veterans and the families of veterans who were exposed to toxic materials while serving in the American military.

Stewart, an open supporter of the legislation, was filmed in Washington, D.C. on Monday screaming in the face of Posobiec.

“These people have suffered for fifteen years!” Stewart yelled.

When Posobiec responded, “You’re calling me names,” Stewart answered, “Because you’re a fucking troll! You’re a troll! You’re not in good faith!”

Remaining calm as Stewart waved his hands and shouted, Posobiec explained he supports the legislation and said there was no need to argue.

In fact, Posobiec told the former “Daily Show” host that he could get his group to meet with Republican leadership in order to try and further the conversation around the bill.

“Shut the fuck up!” Stewart responded when Posobiec offered to set up a meeting.

The tiff went viral online, but the beef was soon apparently squashed as Posobiec posted a video to his Twitter page announcing he teamed up with Stewart and co-owner of “Grunt Style” apparel Tim Jensen.

Looking as if he was starring in a hostage video, Stewart reluctantly admitted he came to an agreement with Posobiec and told the camera, “I lost my temper a little bit, I felt like I was being trolled. I realized the important thing is to get this done for these guys and to get them over the finish line to get the healthcare they need.”

“We’re at 98%, let’s get it over the last 2%. Is that fair?” Posobiec asked Stewart and Jensen.

The trio agreed and shook hands.

National Pulse writer Raheem Kassam also got into with Stewart on Monday, posting a video showing his encounter with the liberal actor.

Stewart was also photographed chatting with gun-grabbing liberal activist David Hogg.

The end result of the argument was positive, but likely only because Posobiec kept calm and provided the left with an example of what actual discourse can accomplish.

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August 1, 2022


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